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Photography has led me to the farthest corners the world and introduced me to the most incredible people. I’m proud to say my experience as a photographer has prepared me to handle any assignment. From fording rivers on horseback in Nicaragua, to balancing strobes in LA studios, I’ve developed an extensive skill set that enables me to meet any challenge.

Most recently, I’ve had the pleasure of joining Nations Media as contributing photographer and Photo Editor. Working alongside the talented Nations staff has been incredibly rewarding as we strive to bring excellence to each issue of Nations Magazine.

When not behind a camera, you’ll find me on a surfboard, trail, or plane. I spend a lot of time with my nose in textbooks as well. Currently pursuing a MaT from Fuller, I love studying hermeneutics and learning to be more compassionate.

I’m based in San Diego. Let's meet for tacos.

Jimmy Galt
(925) 487-4866